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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what I need yet?

If you knew exactly what you wanted us to build, you wouldn’t need us. You’d have years of software development experience under your belt, and would know how to build and manage a team of developers capable of accomplishing your goals.

Software development is difficult. Given enough time and money, just about anything can be built. The trick is to pick the right set of features that will address your business needs cost-effectively.

Some features might seem expensive to the average person, but are actually quite easy to build, and would add a lot of value to your project. Other features seem easy, but are incredibly difficult, and would waste a lot of money. We know the difference between the two, and will bring that expertise to your project.

We love (and are really good at) working with clients to clearly define the business problem they’re facing, and then coming up with a cost- effective solution to it.  We usually find that a project will change significantly between the first meeting, and the final written plan as a result   of the dozens of questions we ask during the design process. The result of this is a much better solution than what was originally envisioned.

Do you build software to spec?

If your spec includes all buttons, fields, forms, workflow, logic, database structure, etc, then no, we don’t.  We’ve only seen one spec like this that was well thought out.  The rest were an exercise in frustration for us.  We’re focused on providing huge ROI for our customers.  The only way to build software the way we do is to focus on it full-time for many, many years. If you’ve done that, we can recommend a number of software houses that will gladly take on your project.  If you haven’t, but think you can anyway, we can recommend a number of software houses that will gladly take on your project :).

What are your hours?

Typical hours are Monday – Friday, 8-5 Pacific time. However, we’re available just about any hour of the day or night, weekends included, depending on need.

Will you sign my NDA?

Prior to a first call, no. We run across too many ideas in a given year for that to make sense. We need to make sure there isn’t a conflict with existing customers, and that we’re a good fit for your project prior to signing an NDA. Once we start moving forward, we’d be happy to, as long as its a mutual NDA.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for top talent. Send us your resume and tell us why you think you’d be a good fit for Creative Dynamic.

Do you work with international customers?

As long as you’re comfortable speaking in English, yes! Our development team is in Pakistan, and we’ve worked with people from Australia to Europe to the US and Canada.

How much will this cost?

No idea.  Do you need a used Pinto, a brand new Ferrari or a big semi truck?  Would a 3 year old Honda Accord suffice? Custom software is complex, and until you dig into the details, its not possible to assign a number to it. (Be wary of someone that says they can.)

We have an extreme focus on ROI. A successful project is one that’s on time, on budget, and meets the true business need driving it, cost- effectively. If we suggested features that just inflate a project’s cost without providing enough return, clients wouldn’t consider the project successful, and wouldn’t recommend us.

We suggest that you come to us with a budget that makes sense for the business problem you’re facing. A budget of $5000 for a $5,000,000 problem or opportunity doesn’t make sense. Its far better to invest more money to improve results than to save a few dollars, and squander the potential you could have had. If you establish a budget for a project, we will work with you to define a set of features that will best meet your business needs given that budget.

Who owns the software once its finished?

You do, as long as its paid for. This includes all source code for the project. We’ll set up a contract with you prior to engagement that assigns ownership to you, provided certain conditions are met. (Third party libraries may be included in your software package. Those are licensed by their providers to you, not sold.)

Do you respond to RFQ/RFP's?

No, we don’t. We’ve only run across one RFP that was well-conceived.

Most of the time, they’re written by a committee that threw in everything and the kitchen sink. Projects like this have a high probability of failure.

RFP’s also set up an adversarial relationship between the client and the developer right from the start.

We prefer to work as partners with our clients, driving toward a set of shared goals. We are happiest when we are cost-effectively solving the right business problems. We’ve found that our clients are, too.

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