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Augmented Development

Spin up new senior developers just as fast as a new cloud server.

Overseas prices - US daylight hours - Senior developers

We’ve developed software for some of the biggest names out there including Fortune 500 companies, major law firms, and the like.

What we’ve found is that project management and team cohesiveness is just as important as the quality of the software developers themselves.  We hire and train only the best, and then support them with proper equipment and software support, including web cams that allow them to meet ‘in person’ with their teammates in the US.

Most of our developers and senior managers also work US hours because of how important regular communication is to us and our clients.  There’s nothing like popping onto a quick Skype or Slack call to clarify something instead of waiting till the next day. We work hard to fit into your workflow as well with participation in the various Scrum meetings, and utilization of the project management system of your choice.

Some of the technologies we use

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