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Be a big fish in an intelligently designed small pond.

we’ve combined top designers, developers, business analysts and project managers

Work with a small team that considers your project just a big as you do.  We only work with a few clients at a time, and have decided to stay deliberately small, so we can offer more personalized service to our clients.

The owner of the company personally project manages and designs each project we do.  This means that you get someone with years of experience in business and elsewhere.  Because of this, your project has the highest chance of success possible.

With larger firms, the most skilled project managers and developers get assigned to the huge, million-dollar-plus projects, leaving more junior people to manager ‘smaller’ ones.

Ever worked with a brilliant sales rep that intuitively understood your needs, only to be dumped into a junior sales agent’s lap once you’d signed the contract?  That won’t happen here.

Even though we’re small, we have a ton of experience handling larger projects.  We’ve written systems for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized law firms, contractors with hundreds of employees, and a wide variety of others.  Systems range in complexity from simple reporting systems all the way up to software that runs entire companies.

Dedicated to making you look good

  1. Clear lines of responsibility
    1. we design the software with your feedback
      1. this means that we don’t build to spec. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re not a match.
    2. you give us your requirements
      1. “We need to speed up the quote to cash process, and we’ve identified these areas where improvement can happen.”
    3. we build and test the application with your feedback.
  2. Low risk
    1. Software can be scary. Its amorphous, and can easily get out of control
    2. Everything we do is directed at mitigating risk. We have a relentless focus on ROI, proper understanding of the problem, along with a risk-reducing phased approach to development and introduction of the product into your company
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