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Fitness should be fun

Pump Fitness

Can’t afford a personal trainer?

That’s no longer true.  $45 a month gets you unlimited interaction with a trainer personally dedicated to your success.

Your trainer will:

  • provide feedback on each of your workouts
  • answer questions
  • design your program
  • adjust things when you’re busy
  • help you with the mental side of fitness


What you'll get

personalized workout plan
adapts to your changing life
feedback on each workout
unlimited interaction via text

“Most of us wildly underestimate what we can achieve in the long run through simple, consistent action.”

Train With Experts and get results



Pump Fitness Owner

Jon Lehman

As a dad, husband and business owner, I know how tough it can be to stay fit while leading a normal life.  I started Pump Fitness to help people that want to conquer their fitness goals, need the extra help of a personal trainer, but can’t afford to pay $100/hr multiple times a week.  


Lead trainer, psychologist and nationally competitive rugby player

I’ve been an athlete all my life, so I know how to push through injuries, sicknesses and still come out on top. As a psychologist, I also understand the mental side of things and how to motivate and inspire my clients.  As a trainer, I’ve helped countless people get into the best shape of their lives.  I want to help you do the same.  

Have questions?

We've got answers

Other than a liability release, nope.  After the first week, we charge a non-refundable monthly fee of $45.  Cancel anytime.

During the launch of the service, we will use WhatsApp, the well-known instant messenger. 

While you’re working out, text or voice memo what you did during a set and we’ll transcribe it into a spreadsheet format for our trainer to review.  

We’ve tested this ourselves and found that, even for Ali, our workouts improved quite a bit due to the fact that we knew someone else was going to be looking at what we did.  It almost (but not quite) feels like someone is there with you.  This is especially true if you use the voice memo feature to tell us what you did after each set.  


It means you’ll get our undivided attention.  We’re starting out without software on purpose so that we can learn what our clients truly need and want from us.  Eventually, we’ll build a Pump Fitness App and will add additional trainers and other staff. As a founding member, though, you’ll always have access to us.  We’re committed to you for the long haul.  

In person personal trainers can only work with one or two clients at a time.  Internet based trainers aren’t set up to be efficient with what they do and therefore can’t provide a high level of service at a reasonable price.  Our entire way of working is set up to give you the best of both worlds: personalized attention and low cost. 

Let’s work on this together.  What we think the answer is right now is that you’d ask the question in the app, and our trainer would respond when they analyze your workout a few hours later.  Depending on need, we might incorporate a live q&a feature in the system.  

Yes! Send us a video on WhatsApp of you doing an exercise, and we’ll tell you what needs to be adjusted, if anything.  

Work Out.  We’d love to be able to work out for you, but alas, medical science hasn’t found a way for that to work well…yet…

Be honest with us about how you’re feeling about your workouts, what’s getting in the way, what’s working well.  

If you have an upcoming trip, get sick, or have some other conflict, let us know.  We can give you a modified workout to do at home or on the road.  The benefit of this is that it keeps you active, plus it keeps you in the right frame of mind.  A scheduled workout that you complete, no matter how small, is a success.

Define Your Personal Training Goals

change your life

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