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Small, tight-knit team that does big things.

Big custom software companies advertise that their size is an advantage for you.  They’re right, if you have a 7-figure budget.  At a large development company, the best employees are assigned only to the largest clients.  If you’re a smaller client, you will end up with junior employees running your project.

With us, the company owner will architect your software project.  Our top developer will oversee its development and QA process.  Both are industry veterans with over 20 years of experience, each.

Contact us today to see how that experience can help make you and your company look like rock stars.

Our focus is on Custom Business Software

This means that we don’t do consumer-oriented software development (unless its part of a larger business system we’re developing).  We don’t do embedded development.  We don’t create computer games. And, we certainly don’t make pretty websites.

If you have a business system that is costing you money, or preventing you from making money, that’s where we shine.  We’ve built systems that:

  • Run large law firms
  • Handle the quote-to cash process for distributors
  • Integrate two software products so they communicate well
  • Track tasks on large oil and gas development projects
  • Expedite parts manufacturing
  • Allow Ivy League universities to track research collaborations
  • We’ve even automated the score calculation process for a cheerleading league.  (Kids were waiting up to 2 hours for scores to be calculated.  Who knew cheerleading was that complex!)

Deliberately small

As a company grows, the job of running it changes from interacting with clients and designing software to dealing with HR issues, attending board meetings and the like.  That doesn’t sound fun to us.

We really enjoy working with clients and building great software, so we only take on projects when our current team has free time.

Yet we have access to vast resources

Even though we’re small, our team in Lahore is connected into a large ecosystem of world-class developers.    There has never been a programming issue that we’ve faced where we can’t bring in a trusted colleague to help with a particular specialized technology.

Lahore, and Pakistan in general, is an interesting place.  In the movies here in the US, Pakistan is portrayed as a dusty, dirty country where people ride camels and live in tents.  While this is true in some parts of the country, like India, there are areas that are indistinguishable from the well-kept areas here here in the US.  Not only are the surroundings beautiful, but the business ecosystem, including education, business growth, access to world class talent, and the like are all excellent.

Are we a fit for you?

If you have a business software need, know your company well and have a rough idea of what you need your software to accomplish, then likely, yes.  As long as you enjoy working with friendly, business-savvy professional developers that can explain things in plain English, and who know how to design and build great software.

You might be asking, ‘why would anyone not want to work with people like that?’  You’d be surprised. We’ve met a few.  We’ve learned to choose carefully when taking on a client so that a project is successful.

We hope that you chose us, of course, but make sure the team you select is a great fit for you.  Great software comes from a deep understanding of the personalities, dynamics and business requirements that its borne from.  Getting there requires a strong partnership between client and provider.

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